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Davis Gallimore Interiors offers interior decorating services to meet the individual needs of people with any budget and style preference. Whether you want to update your living room or just moved into a new home and are starting from scratch, we can help bring your rooms to life!  We work closely with our clients to create a design plan that meets both their needs and their budget. From color selection to furniture placement, our team will work with you to assess your decor needs and help you design spaces within your home that you’ll be excited to live in every day. It is our mission to exceed our client’s expectations and create a space that showcases their truest sense of style and comfort.  If you are looking to update or enhance your home or business, let our team help you!



Interior decorating has been a passion of my mine for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a home where it wasn’t uncommon for my family to repaint rooms with new colors each year or spruce up spaces with updated furnishings. I was taught from a young age that interior decorating can be a way to express who you are and create a space that is both comfortable and inspiring to live in each day.

For me interior decorating is about expressing who you are within your living spaces but also who you hope to be and allowing those aspirations to be reflected in your decor. Whether that means adding a touch of Hollywood Glam to your child-friendly family room or turning your master bedroom into a rustic sanctuary, interior decorating should enhance and elevate your living spaces while still being functional for your lifestyle.

My favorite part of interior decorating is working with clients to identify their unique style and explore new design ideas that will best showcase it. Helping my clients discover what home decor inspires them and assisting them in bringing that to life within their living spaces makes me love what I do.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending quality time with my husband, Chris, and baby girl, Sammy.